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FU INSTITUTE, the conceptual engine and collaborative platform for the advancement of many performative projects around the world since 2003. From 300 Ping-Pong Balls to FU Coffee House; from FU Happiness Agency, FU Radio Station to FLUXFU; from one-man intervention, large-scale participatory actions to nomadic performance art happenings; from Venice Biennale, Rubin Museum of Art NYC to Centre Pompidou Paris. And now, for the very first time, let us take you back to where it all began, a street happening, an art movement. There is no agenda, no set-up, no brick walls, only people, their creative process and their collaborative actions. No more bullshit on selling the resistance by bringing the commodified revolution to the dealer galleries. Join us, and let us become!


"FLUXFU" a series of worldwide performance art happenings presented by FU INSTITUTE, examining on various topics through actions.


Previous topics include:

  • Who does the artist think she is?

  • Time, Money, Career and Pokémon - The basic quality-of-life of being an artist.

  • Logistics and Exercise - Domestic Issues we’re facing right NOW!

  • Commodified Revolution - Moaning the resistance towards dealer galleries.

  • Social Intercourse - One Beer Chant - More Tea More Pee - Be wrong, Be raw and Let’s celebrate in style!

  • From Hugging to Hanging - An endurance journey about Desire & Pain.

  • Be True - Promote Yourself - embrace your egos and ambitions, bit by bit, depression and anxiety are part of the journey too. 

  • Forget About Everything - No more bullshit, fuck art, fuck movies, fuck everything!

What's Next

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